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Uranus Facts for Kids – A Tour

In astronomy mythology, it has been said that Uranus is considered to be the lord of the skies and as well as the better-half, the husband of Earth. Aside from this, he was also perceived as the king of the gods until such time that he was overthrown by his very own son named Saturn. Indeed, nothing can be more interesting than learning about Uranus facts for kids. There are many of them and they all deserve to be given attention.

A random question may be asked. There are those who might want to know – how much would they even weigh if they are staying on Uranus? The truth is that in order for a rocket to fly in Uranus, tons of years have to be counted first. Weighing less in Uranus is going to occur because the gravity of the said planet is not like that of Earth. This only goes to show that if a person actually weighs 70 pounds whenever he is on Earth, and then he is most likely to be 62 pounds upon going to Uranus. This is one of its differences.

Synonymous to Saturn and Jupiter, Uranus will always be a giant filled with gas. However, there is a slight difference with Uranus. Compared to other planets known to many, most of the moons situated in the Solar System, Uranus is most likely to spin on its side. This is one of its many characteristics. This transpired because there is a belief that many years ago, there was a large object that suddenly smashed the said planet. The crash turned out to be so powerful that it changed and altered even the direction of Uranus. This was really a big effect on its rotation. Even if this is the case, there is this theory saying that the extreme tilt made by Uranus happened to be brought by a large moon which suddenly pulled away from the planet. This was realized through a large planet a very long time ago when the Solar System was just new and fresh. Ever since that it occurred, it seems that the gravitational pull of the moon has been moving. This took place from Uranus and it even brought tilt to its very sides.

The thick atmosphere in Uranus is composed of helium, hydrogen and methane. However, even if this is the case, Uranus is still known for being a cold planet. Well, the truth is that such is even put into extreme. It will not be called an ice giant without a reason. There are also beliefs saying that Uranus is brought about because of ice and rock. These are large and rocky. Indeed, there is a pressure felt in Uranus. This is known by trillion of diamonds which are now on the surface of the planet. There is even a huge ocean on Uranus surface. This is another. The temperature of such can be really hot. There are times when it may go about 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. That is how it has always been. This Uranus may always be identical to that of Neptune in this sense.

Top Fuel Dragster Facts

I wonder how cool dragsters can reach such crazy streak. You don’t need to be a fan of drag racing. Some of interesting top fuel dragster facts I have summarized bellow might make you shock:

  • The Top fuel dragster can reach streak on 1/4 mile (400m) in just 4,5 seconds. I don’t believe at first about this fact, but it is real. The top speed when crossing the finish line will be more than 330mph or (530km/h). It means they take a path along 0-100kmh only need 0,63 second. It is even faster than spaceship speed.
  • Top fuel dragster must be the most exciting drag racing by 6.000 KW of energy created. Before they go racing, they spin the wheels to get a maximum racing result.
  • One top fuel dragster is powered with a 500 cubic-inch replica dodge. The Hemi engine produces horsepower equal with 8,000 HP.
  • Using full throttle, 11,2 gallons of nitro will be consumed for a dragster engine. Meanwhile, Boeing 747 consumes fuel jet at the same portion but produce 25% less energy.
  • To drive a dragster’s supercharger is not enough by using Dodge Hemi V8 stock.
  • The spectacular white flame is produced and can be seen above the stacks at the night. It is raw burning hydrogen which is the water vapor dissociated by the searing gas.
  • Each spark plug is supplied by Dual magnetos which produce 44 amps
  • During a pass, spark plug electrodes will be consumed when the 1/2 way thru ends, the engine will be “dieseling” from the compression. The only way to shut down the exhaust valves which is at 1400 degrees F is that by cutting the fuel flow.
  • When the failure spark happened in the early run, the unburned nitro will create an explosion which is enough to split the block.
  • And the draggers reach 300 MPH+ before you finish read this sentence.
  • One of drag racing is Top Fuel Bike, as the fastest bike, faster than any other car even Formula 1 (except the Top Fuel Dragster exactly)

Massive Crush

Seeing the speed of the top fuel level, an accident is never can be avoided.  Some unbelievable crash happened in racing season in the top fuel world. The worst  came to Lamattina which leads him to end the season and leave the racing world.

On last June 6, 2015, a disaster headed to Winternationals getting Phil Lamattina crashed in the second round. In quick response, the safety crew was on the scene and get Lamattina on the local hospital sooner. His future in top fuel world is still unclear following the crash. Lamattina stated that the crash is not the main reason of his withdraw. It was about the losing of passion for racing. Lamattina told a family life is his only reason to leave then.

Seeing racing at the tribunal is just so great feeling to get involved on the speed racing in the track.  Racers might think it is a pride and nothing can replace it until things like life should stop them to stop and leave everything. But, hey. Lamattina is just the part of the history. There will be more about him at the future with the greatest surprise.