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Manta Ray Facts – What are they?

Manta ray is common. This is a significant part of the animal kingdom. As a matter of fact, it turned out to be a mysterious and fascinating creature to check on. It does not matter whether you are young or old, you will surely be amazed and interested. That is for sure. Meeting the said specie will not be impossible by looking at various Manta Ray facts. They have a lot to offer.

Basically, there are two species of these manta rays. The first one is called the reef manta. The other one is known as the giant mantra. The largest of them all is claimed as the giant manta ray. This is so big that its central disc may reach up to like 9 meters. The gills of the mentioned can be distinctive too. They are located in the lower part of its body. Usually, that is the place where it obtains its very oxygen which of course, is derived from the waters.

The diet of the mentioned is about zooplankton. Its number is spread in subtropical and tropical waters. It is comfortable with temperate mood. This is why it may fit India, Atlantic and Pacific Ocean perfectly. They are not in any way dangerous to most humans. They do not play any sort of threat which is relieving. However, if they will be disturbed – there is a big possibility for them to attack. This may happen so most humans should be careful enough.

Among the various species of fish, manta rays possess the largest brain. They are fond of visiting sites which are termed as cleaning stations. These may be the places where fish species are somehow responsible in the removal of parasites coming from skin. These are also ovoviviparous by nature. The female in this juncture is most likely going to give birth to a certain offspring in order for it to live. However, it will initially develop as eggs inside the womb of the mother.

These species will always be classified in the Red List as vulnerable. The said list is seen in the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Most of the time, the natural predators of the said species are killer whales, large sharks and even these false killer whales around the oceans. As mentioned above, the said whale is not really harmful to humans. As much as possible, they will even avoid stumbling on them. This is one of the best parts of it.

Manta rays can always jump out of the water. They do this because they always want to eliminate parasites. They will also communicate this way. Even if this is the case though, there is a possibility that they will act like it somehow constitute the game. These manta rays have their own teeth too. These are situated in the lower part of its jaw. The teeth are also intended for the chewing of food and that is it. The female manta ray can bear one to two offspring. This may be expected.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp Facts – Infamous Mass Murder

On the 27th of January 1945, there were Soviet soldiers seen going around the gates of Auschwitz. This was a concentration camp complex which was situated in the south-west of Poland. Since that, the place was then left by most of the Nazis. This occurred on the earlier days. This marked the end of the biggest mass murder which transpired in the entire human history. A ton of Auschwitz Concentration Camp Facts would agree to this. This is for sure.

Up until now, there are still precise numbers which are being debated. However, based on the record of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, it was the German SS responsible in the killing of like 960,000. This was from the declared 1.1 to 1.3 million Jews. These were all deported to the said camp. Apart from such facts, there were still other victims who were included in the said list. There was an approximate 74,000 Poles, then 15,000 Soviet and 21,000 Roma who were prisoners. There were 10,000 seen around the area and these people were coming from other nationalities. In the Auschwitz, it was reported that more and more people died. This occurred more than that of the Nazi concentration camp. This was considered huge in any death camp recorded in the whole history.

The horror was witnessed because of the evidences left. These evidences were dug by the Soviet troops. There were 7,000 prisoners who starved that time. These remained alive in the known camp itself. There were also millions of items and these included clothings. These were owned by men, children and women who were suddenly discovered. What was even surprising is that fact that there was 6,350 kg of stated human hair derived from the spot. The museum still presents more than a hundred thousands of shoes in pairs. There are also 12, 000 utensils for kitchen, and as well as 350 garments for the camp and 3,800 suitcases. All of these are in the exhibit.

In May 1940, the first base of Nazi was erected in Auschwitz. The name of this was obtained after that of the Silesian town. This was from Oswiecim. In going to it, there would be a need to direct towards 37 miles straight to Krakow. This is now being referred to as the Auschwitz I. The site was even able to cover 40 square kilometers of it.

As for January 1942, the roll and carry out of the Final Solution was undertaken by the party of Nazi. Most of the camps finally dedicated for the Jews to be exterminated. This was created before and it was meant to be pursued that time. This was even put into formality by the SS Lieutenant General Reinhard Heydrich. This was seen in the speech during the Wannsee conference. It was in the same year when the Auschwitz II, an extermination camp was known to exist. Most of the sections were separated with the help of barbed-wire fences. This turned out to be the biggest population of prisoners that time.

Alessandro Volta Facts – Knowing him

Alessandro Volta was born in the 18th of February, 1745. He was a scientist whose focus was on Physics. He became popular because of his battery invention. This will always be seen around Alessandro Volta facts all over the place. There are still many things to learn about him. What are these?

Volta originally came from Como Italy. He was just from its northern border. Upon the completion of his studies, he became an inventor and as well as professor. Various improvements were realized in the device termed as electrophorus. This was utilized in the production of electrostatic charge. The naming of the given device, together with the improvements, also led to the crediting of such invention. This was not true though because it was Johan Carl Wilcke who really invented the mentioned device.

Throughout the process, Volta took charge in the important work directed towards methane gas. This was also obtained from the paper created by Benjamin Franklin. As a matter of fact, it was not just about the isolation of methane gas learned and discovered in Italy here. There was also a demonstration and designing of experiments concerning methane. This is also directed towards its different uses.

There was a time when turned out to be a professor in University of Pavia. This was meant towards the chairing of the physics department. This occurred for the next four decades. A collaboration was also undertaken involving Galvani. This was associated with galvanized steel. It was that point when Volta experimented on the conduct of current happening between that of two different meals. This was observed by the running of current which also included the leg of a frog.

Saltwater-soaked paper was eventually experimented too. This was also put in the leg of the animal. This was done for it to act as a perfect tool for conductivity. This may come from different experiments too which was all constructed and built by Volta during that time. This paved way to the popular and known Volta’s Law. This was about the electrochemical series. Volta also worked on battery which somehow developed and evolved through the discovery of the so called voltaic pile.

It cannot be denied that the battery will always be remembered in the history of science. This does not came as a surprise anymore since it is the very first electrochemical there is. The utilization of copper and zinc also became apparent. Among these are electrodes. This can be either saltwater or sulfuric acid. These are all referred to as the electrolytes.

Aside from the mentioned, it was also outside the estate of Comon when Volta decided to retire during the latter part of his career. This also included the name of Napoleon together with other contributions perceived in science. There were memorials, actually, a number of them, which have been set up in accordance to the name of Volta. This is depicted in the electrical term known as volt. All of these and more are the interesting facts about Alessandro Volta. He is indeed a significant part of science.

Spirulina Nutrition Facts – What it can bring the body

Spirulina is dubbed healthy by many. For so many years now, Spirulina is still being consumed by a lot of people. The nutritional value of it cannot be underestimated. What is even more surprising is that today, there are many famous lifestyle personalities who are responsible in endorsing the secret of the mentioned. It is even claimed as a superfood. There are times when they say that it is a miracle coming from the sea. All of these are enough to make people check on various Spirulina Nutrition Facts. 

More about Spirulina

Spirulina is considered to be sounding better than the first term used pond scum. However, even if, that is just the reality of the supplement. This is known as a type blue-green algae which usually grows naturally in most salty lakes and oceans. These are all present in a lot of subtropical climates. There are those Aztecs that harvested this Spirulina coming from the Lake Texcoco. This is situated in central Mexico. Up until now, this is still being harvested from the Lake Chad. This is directed towards the west-central part of Africa. This also led into various dry cakes.

Classified as one of the plants rick in pigments because of its photosynthesis ability, Spirulina is made a part of the understanding of various subjects such as physiology, biochemical properties and genetics. These even encouraged a ton of scientists to have the mentioned placed in the bacteria kingdom. This is put in the Arthrospira genus initially. Later on though, it was directed in the genus Spirulina. There are still other species out there. Actually, there are three of them. These are Spirulina maxima, Spirulina platensis and the one referred to as Spirulina fusiformis. These were subjected to study because they come with a high amount of nutrition. The same is also true with potential therapeutic claims which are all perceived in the authors of the said study.

The aforementioned can grow in the way of microscopic spirals. Usually, these would stick together. This is one of the reasons why it will be easier to have them harvested. This goes in a color blue-green. However, the taste can just be mild. Apart from the known supplements, the FDA is responsible in allowing the manufacturers to utilize Spirulina as an addictive gum. The same is also true for other candies and packaged foods around the place.

Eclectic health problems are most likely to be dealt with through Spirulina. This may even include amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and premenstrual symptoms as well. These are all based on the records of NIH. There is also a combination of Spirulina and zinc on this juncture. This is going to help those who want to have their body cleared from toxins. This is definitely the assurance.

For those who want to know of Spirulina works – this is still to be studied further. However, one thing is for sure, it may be real effective in the treatment of various health conditions around. This is for certain.

Nurse Shark Facts – Discovering its Wonders

Nurse sharks come with a scientific name of Bilbo Baggins. Truth be told – this has not been confirmed yet but it has been using that ever since. This is a combination of Latin and Greek terms which imply hinged, mouth and curled. This is a way to describe the appearance of the shark. There are many nurse shark facts around. These can be accessed through the web.

The name’s origin came from nurse shark. This is not very clear. This might have been derived from the sound they make whenever sucking occurs. This is also true when they are in the midst of hunting a pretty found in the sand or the like. This would somehow resemble that of a baby being nursed. This may also come from a particular archaic word which is about nurse. This means cat shark. There is also an Old English word which is pointed to be the theory of the given name. This is sea-floor shark. This is what horse is about.

These nurse sharks cannot really move fast. They would always dwell on the bottom. This is one of their characteristics. Even if this is the case though, they are not harmful. They will not kill any human that is for sure. The only thing though is that there are times when they can be huge. It may reach up to 14 feet. Their jaws are very strong too. These come with thousands of serrate, tiny teeth. They only have the ability to bite most especially if there is a need for defense. No divers should bother on this too. Many become really panicky but as mentioned, they are not in any way harmless. They are not to be mistaken as docile.

For most of the time, the strong jaws of the said animals are utilized in order to eat and crush shellfish. They also do this for coral. They will most likely prefer fish though. The same is also true with squid and shrimp. These can be distinct and of gray-brown fins. These are one fourth of the entire length. As compared to other sharks, these are just so smooth when it comes to touching.

Nurse sharks are situated in the warm and even shallow waters found from the Western Atlantic. They also do these in the eastern Pacific oceans. These are just abundant in number. With this, there is no longer a need for special conservation status. There are instances when they share a close habit to that of the activities of humans. This too may occur in their case most especially whenever pressure is being put on these species. These can all happen.

If you want to see these nurse sharks, it will help a lot if you are to stumble upon the waters surrounding that of Central America. Do not get this wrong though because there might be a range from that of North USA down to Brazil. The nurse sharks may also be located on Africa, in its East Coast.

Axolotl Facts – What are they?

These Mexican axolotl salamanders come with their unique and rare traits. They have the ability to retain various larval features which are all observed in the life of the adult. The condition here is termed as neotenic. This pertains to the fact that they are in tadpole-like dorsal fin. This usually runs to the length of its entire body. The same is also true with the presence of the available external gills they come along with. These can protrude starting from the back then on its wide head.

A ton of Axolotl facts would say that the said specie is usually located in Xochimilco. This comes with a lake complex. This is located near that of Mexico City. However, they are different and they are not in any way like that of salamanders. These are most likely to stay in the water. They will do this permanently. There is a rare chance though that the axonolti is going to progress. It will mature and then emerge from that of the water. There are times though when they are just on the canals and lakes. They may also prefer this kind of living if they would want to. This too may occur.

The axolotls will always be a close relative of tiger salamander. The only difference though is that the earlier can be way larger. This may even reach a foot. This can be converted into 30 centimeters. This is how its length has been. Usually though, the average size may just be close to that. This can be typically black and it may sometimes be of mottled brown. There are also white varieties. These are the albinos and these can be really common especially in that of the captive specimens.

Needless to say, axolotls have always been long lived. They have the ability to survive up to that of 15 years. They can do this even if they are on a diet. This is true for insect larvae, mollusks, worms, some fish and even crustaceans. Usually, these are used to be the top predator. They have their habitat that is why they are used to this. The species may also suffer most especially because of the introduction of large fish into any lake as a habitat. This is considered to be a great agony in the introduction of such large fish. There are also natural threats around and these may include other predatory birds like herons.

The populations of the said also declined. This is true for the demands too. This is the case for Mexico City. There has been a draining of waters and even contamination. This occurred in the waters most especially of Xochimilco Lake complex. These are even popular to that of the aquarium trade. This is where roasted axolotl is. This is dubbed as a particular delicacy in Mexico. Today, even the numbers are starting to shrink. These are known to be endangered too. These are the most common facts and information about axolotls. These will always interest a lot of people.

V8 Nutrition Facts – The truth about this vegetable juice

Vegetable juices turned out to be a big business lately. This has been observed. If there is a popular brand of the said juice, it will definitely V8. This is known to be portable one which may come from various flavors. This is touted to be of great help when it comes to meeting the right quota of vegetable needed by the body. It is not impossible to dwell upon the slogans about the brand such as could’ve had a V8. However, the real question is – is it even worth it?

Nutritional Value & More

There are also nutrients coming from these various kinds of vegetables. This is the reason why no one should get the wrong notion that V8 is enough to take the place of vegetables in their lives. It will never be this way. There are tons of v8 nutrition facts around and they ought to be learned about if the said brand is intended to be consumed. There is a great number of nutrients which is somehow removed. For example, fiber. This occurs during the method of having the vegetable juice such as the V. There are also added components which are somehow placed into question as far as the nutritional value of it is concerned.

Truth be told – there is a wide array of unhealthy drinks around the market. This may start from soda, down to almost a tenfold of fruit-flavored juices. V8 is created from various vegetables too. These may contain other sort of nutrients too. These are lifted in whole vegetables. Based on the official website of its company, V8 comes with juice including carrots, beets, lettuce, celery, tomatoes, parsley, watercress and spinach.

There are different vegetables used. For most of the time, V8 is known as a great origin of vitamins C, E and A. The juice is dubbed to have low number of fat and cholesterol. Since this is the known nutritional information, there are tons of individuals out there who have to find V8 convenience. This is claimed to have an alternative for consuming plain vegetables.

Do not get the aforementioned wrong. Munching V8 is not that bad. This is true upon drinking soda. However, the juice may come with its own drawbacks too. There is this pureeing process which is utilized to the juice which will remove a large portion of fiber content. This is quite surprising because most of the time, fiber is also seen around vegetables and other sort of foods too. These are important as well for various reasons. First, they can keep the person full. Weight gain may be prevented because of overeating. This may also regulated blood sugar too. At the end, constipation will be stopped. The same is also true with protection of heart disease.

Whole raw, and even vegetables would somehow offer a wide array of textures and tastes for the palate. There might be a problem for juicing here, especially in the veggies. The process may be stripped away in this sense. Together with other natural attributes.

Asian Carp Facts – What to expect?

Asian carp may be divided into four. These are grass, silver, black and bighead. Tons of concerns have been expressed about silver and bighead carp. Basically, this bighead carp has the ability to grown and reach up to even 4 feet. This may also be of a hundred pounds. As for the silver carp, this may be of 3 feet long and then 60 pounds. There are still other Asian carp facts that have to be learned. What are these?

Silver carp turned out to be a star on YouTube because it was able to leap to the air through boats. These were achieved through aggravation. Humans were inflicted this way. Serious injury was also caused because of the existence of flying fish.

Usually, the fish was being brought from Asia. This was intended for catfish farms and even that of sewage plants. This was directed towards the southern part of the United States way back in the 1960s. Unwanted algae were being imported because they were eaten. This was also done in sewage and vegetation. As for the year 1980, most of the fish was able to escape during the event of flooding. This was the time when making a way up was done in the Mississippi River. This was also done in the tributaries.

The aforementioned is found in 18 states. The bighead and silver carp were big part of the biomass. Almost 90% of it comprise it actually. This is true in a lot of streams. Bighead and silver carp would always munch up plankton. This is true for there are also others which need such as some sort of food. This Asian carp has the capacity to eat even 20 pounds of the specie. They can do this in a daily basis.

Most of the time, the carp always asks for 40 to 60 miles of streams. These have to be free-flowing of course. There were no dams here.

Common carp comes from Asia. This has been the status of it all the time. However, they were able to make their arrival in North America. Do not get his wrong though because common carp is usually large. This varies in color too. This may start from silver down to that of olive-green. This is also for grey or even brass. The same is also true with sides and even back of it. The belly is usually yellowish. This may be in lower fins which are colored in orange to red. There is also an available single dorsal spine. These are cheeks and are also gill covered. These may be partially scaled as well. As compared to that of Asian carps, these Common carps have appendages. These are whisker-like. These are termed barbels. These may come near that of its mouth. These are native of Asia. They have been introduced to the population of Europe as well. Since then, the distribution of it through North America happened. Great Lakes region was also inhabited. This is observed in Ontario.

Igneous rock facts – Why it rocks

Students have surely stumbled upon igneous rocks on one of their science lessons. Truth be told – the various kinds of rocks may sound complicated at first. However, upon reading on, there are things that can be learned about them.

What are these?

Basically, most igneous rocks are formed as magma cools down and then solidifies. There is a tendency for this to occur above, or just below the surface of it. There is indeed a possibility for magma to become rocks. These are the ones being blown out through the eruption of volcano. This may even be forced just on its lava or on its surface. This means to show that there is a possibility for it to have a rough time. This is always stated in various igneous rock facts around.

Magma is made up of the different molecules and atoms which are melted in minerals. These will be responsible in deciding the process of arrangement. These may be the time that they become mineral grains later on. As these cool down, the rock will eventually form. This is the time when they grow together. This can be quite neat in appearance.

Are there other kinds of igneous rocks? Rocks are usually categorized through the way they are being formed. As mentioned above, igneous rocks come from magma. This is the result of the hardening and cooling down of such. It would not matter if it is under that of the Earth, or just on the surface. The exact location of the said rock formation would be responsible in determining the kind of igneous rock available. Being ready to learn about sort of igneous rocks will definitely be of great help.

There is also this so called extrusive rock. Basically, this is the result of the rising up of the magma to the Earth’s surface. This will typically become hard. Once it does, the so called extrusive igneous rock will be the result. This rock type is a bit glassy in nature. This is the case because the formation time of it is really quick. Aside from this, such rock can be basalt and pumice as well. This is another consideration to take upon.

Pumice is normally utilized in heaps such as cosmetic, cement and even toothpaste products. This can be quite a strange mixture or combination. Even if this is the case though, basalt is typically being used in most statues and even buildings. There are instances when these extrusive rocks are being termed as volcanic rocks. These are volcanoes and these are crucial in form. Aside from such, there is also the intrusive igneous rocks. As contrary, it may take a very long time to be formed. They can be quite grainy. These rocks are gabbro and granite. Granite is quite common as this is being used in the creation of gravestone. The same is also true with countertops and statues. Gabbro is also interesting. This is dug around by many. This goes with a ton of silver, chromium and even gold.

Zodiac Killer Facts – The Difference between Fact and Fiction

Zodiac Killer is said to be the one responsible in the murders that took place in San Francisco Bay Area. This occurred way back the 1960’s. What really happened then? What are the various Zodiac Killer Facts around? It has been said that this Zodiac Killer is nothing but self-proclaimed. This was even directed towards a couple of murders. This is true in Northern California in the year 1968 and even that of 1969. These killers claimed to be even more responsible in other destructions too.

The killer even paved its way to send out threats. This was done through a series of letters being sent to the area newspapers. The time span for this was from 1969 down to 1974. After this though, communication was suddenly stopped. A pretty good amount of intensive search was conducted in order to find the killer. The same is also true with investigation which is meant to point out the suspects involved. With this though, no person was arrested. The crimes were still open because of such. There are tons of books containing the mystery surrounding the given subject. This is even made an inspiration to countless movies launched. This is no longer surprising.

The Attacks

Today, four attacks were said to be undertaken by the Zodiac Killer. These were done separately. The initial incident happened on December 20, 1968. This was the time when David Faraday, a 17 year-old and his girlfriend, a 16 year-old were killed by shot near the car. This is considered to be a remote spot which is situated somewhere in Herman Road. This was in Vallejo, California. Because of it, the police was really shocked. They were having a hard time knowing what the motive of the crime is.

During the early July 5, 1969, another killing occurred. This involved Darlene Ferrin and Mike Mageau. Darlene was 22. The boyfriend was Mike Mageau. He was only 19 years old. This also happened in the location of Vallejo. This was also remote. This was the time when the two couple were approached by someone. This came with a flashlight. Afterwards, they were shot. This killed Ferin. On the other hand, Mageau was wounded seriously. Just within an hour, someone contacted the police department of Vallejo. This was the time when the location of the crime was determined and forwarded. This claimed the responsibility for the attack and the Faraday murderers from the 1968 were pointed fingers at.

There was a confession carried out. Even if the admitting happened, there was no progress to the case.

The assistant was never caught here.

The emergence of Zodiac continued. Common handwritten letters were received by San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, and the Vallejo Times-Herald. These letters were found through an envelope. This was sent without writing any return address. It began with the line: Dear Editor. Afterwards, the killing of two teenagers was also witnessed at the Lake Herman. The letter was made up with the details of known murders and so, that was a lead for the police.