Brontosaurus Facts – What Apatosaurus is all about?

Kids will surely enjoy Apatosaurus. This is not surprising. Basically, the mentioned dinosaurs are sometimes referred to as Brontosaurus. These are huge and they have been one of the biggest to ever grace the planet. They have the ability to reach up to even 23 m. This is how they are in length. As for the weight, they can be at around 23 tons. These are just among the various Brontosaurus facts which may be learned around. These will definitely be enjoyable especially for kids out there.

More about Brontosaurus

Brontosaurus become popular because of its profile. For most of the time, it is referred to as Apatosaurus. These giant dinosaurs were first discovered in the year 1877. It was Othniel Charles Marsh who led the discovery. After the naming has been made, there are new dinosaurs which were unfolded eventually. The name of it denotes deceptive lizard. A larger set of bones was then discovered and there was even a point when they were mistakenly identified. This was the main reason why the name Brontosaurus was given instead. This meant thunder. It turned out that another set of bone, the second set for that matter, was still the Apatosaurus. It was only the second version but they are pretty much the same. This was the time when there was already a catch for the name Apatosaurus. It was only in the most recent times when correction was made. Widespread use was then realized by many.

Apatosaurus existed in the Jurassic Period. This occurred more than a million years ago. This large animal walked on Earth and as that occurred, they were measured to be reaching 23m and even weighing a 23 metric ton. Most of the studies say that Apatosaurus can only live for a decade and that is it. That is the time when it reaches its full size. The long whip-like tails of the mentioned made it the popular dinosaur that it is. This is just fine for their long necks to be balanced. The said specie was an herbivore. They would always consume and munch up plants.

For those who cannot seem to paint a picture of the said animal – referring to Transformers may be the answer here. It was represented in the said movie. The same is also true with the animated series called Sludge. This is about an Autobot which turned out to be an Apatosaurus form.

The deceptive lizard is indeed one of its kind. It will always be dubbed as the most enormous. The mixing up of fossils made it even more engaging and interesting to learn about. In the year 1903, the examination of the remains of the given dinosaur took place. There was a conclusion made after this. It was said that it is somehow synonymous to Apatosaurus excelsus. Since there are naming conventions, the older name had to take its precedence. This lead to the publish of the examination. For more than a decade now, this is still being utilized all the time.