The Faith Diet Review. Is it real or a scam?

Some people are finding ways to lose some excess weight. The Faith Diet by Simon White is said to be one effective diet plan for those who want to shed some pounds. In this article we would discuss necessary information you need to know about the product based on other The Faith Diet reviews.

Let’s get started.

What is The Faith Diet?

The Faith Diet made by Simon White is a diet plan based on what was said, biblical secrets. The creator also said that it was tested and proven to have helped a lot of people lose weight in the ancient times. It has been said that there were two hundred studies supporting Father Simon’s claim.

The goal of the program is to restore fat burning cells pre-existing n the body to promote immediate burning of excess fat in the body. The program is said to help you trim your waistline without visiting the gym frequently. Though you need to still engage in exercising.

Some people also provided testimonials saying that they have seen changes after 30 days of trying the plan.

How does The Faith Diet Work?

Outlined from 12 effective ingredients pre-existing inside the stomach cells, The Faith Diet is said to help in melting excess body fats. Activating these ingredients is said to be what makes the plan effective in creating a great and effective weight loss program.

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Who is Simon White?

Simon White A.K.A Father White is former military chaplain. He created a diet plan based on the bible. He discovered some biblical weight loss techniques and researched to prove his discovery.

Besides that I cannot find more information about Father White.


It reactivates fat burning cells. The diet plan is said to reactivate the fat burning cells in the body with the diet alone. So no pills needed in order to shed some pounds.

It has a 60 days money back guarantee policy so you will have enough time to test and prove the product. You have 60 days to try the product yourself. And if it does not work out for you, you can surely get a refund getting back you hard earned money.

It is also an energy booster. As the body burns the excess fat, it releases more energy to the body. This means that it can help increase your energy level which can be very beneficial in our everyday lives.

It does not choose an audience. The diet plan can work on everyone. Maybe you’re young or old, male or female. You don’t need to worry because the program is for everybody.

The program also comes with bonuses. When you buy the PDF it also includes The Lazarus Discovery, The Guardian Angel: Fat Burning Encyclopedia, What Would Christ Eat?, and The Prayer Disciple Relaxation Guide. This were said to supplement The Faith Diet weight loss plan.


The book is only sold online. The PDF is for $37 and you need to pay for it before getting access to the book. In order to do so, you need a bank account and an Internet connection to actually gain access to this diet plan.

You need to be dedicated. You need to follow a strict diet plan which can be really challenging and could even be costly. If you want the diet to take its effect then you should be strict in following the plan.

The book comes only in an E-book format meaning you have to have a computer or a phone to gain access of the plan. Also if you’re one of those book loving people, sorry but you can’t get a hard copy of this book. Or you have to print it out after getting the E-book.

Unreliable source. The writer is not a dietician of any sort which means that it’s a lost of credibility on his part. I also couldn’t find more information about the writer which give me a doubtful mind about the product.

What Can I get if I Buy the Faith Diet?

You will get an E-book with some bonus E-book that comes free if you buy it on their website for $37. You will get The Faith Diet plus The Lazarus Discovery, The Guardian Angel: Fat Burning Encyclopedia, What Would Christ Eat?, and The Prayer Disciple Relaxation Guide.

But if you buy it on Amazon you will only get The Faith Diet E-book.

Where Can I get The Faith Diet?

You can actually buy it on their official website You can also buy The Faith Diet alone without the bonuses for $9.99 on Amazon.

Is The Faith Diet a Scam?

I am a little doubtful about this product. I cannot find a lot of information about the writer. I also found an article in which they say that the product is from a scam diet plan called the 60 day fix. But I have read some testimonials saying that it actually works.

But based on other information The Faith Diet reviews I encountered and what their website has provided, I’m not convinced about what the product and what it is telling to do for us. I’m still doubtful about the fact that I couldn’t find enough information about the writer.

The Conclusion

If you want to shed some pounds and planning to go on with a strict diet then maybe you could try this plan. But I would advise to look for other plans from more credible sources because I couldn’t find any more information about its writer which gives me a little doubt about the product.

If you are willing to risk and try if this method actually works then you could try it with your discretion. The product also comes with a money back policy so you won’t have to worry about your money being wasted.

Still, I would advise to find a better plan which are used by ost people and has proven to actually work. I don’t want you wasting time.

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