Sea Urchin Facts – Discovering their Beauty

Sea urchins are popular. This is for sure. As a matter of fact, they are easily recognizable. Many surely know that they are one kind of marine animals. To make this more scientific, it can be said that they belong to the echinoderms group. Throughout the whole world, there are 200 species of these sea urchins. These are all situated in oceans. Most of the time, sea urchins –prefer to be in warm waters. They would love if such waters are located in rocky bottom. They would also love for their habitat to be just around coral reefs. These are all but basic sea urchin facts. 

More about Sea Urchins

Just like any other, there is a couple of threat to the life of these sea urchins. Among these are overfishing and pollution. These can be utilized for sushi which is usually prepared in Japan. Sea urchins are having a hard time to survive because of the mentioned. Since there is a drastic reduction of population in sea urchins, they are found in the list of endangered species.

Usually, the size of sea urchins will be relying to the kind of specie it is. The most common though is 1.2 with a maximum of 3.9 inches. The body of sea urchins are in the shape of a globe. They are covered with long and spiky spines. They also have bony plates. These are all derived from the shell which is responsible in providing protection for the inner parts which are always soft.

There is a radial symmetry in the body of sea urchins. This goes to show that for every sea urchin, dividing it into five equal parts may suddenly occur. As for its color, the answer is the same – it would depend on the kind of specie. But then, the usual are usually in color brown, black, red, green, and even purple.

Tube feet can also be found in sea urchins. There are five rows of them actually. These are most likely to end with the presence of suckers. These are responsible for the rock adhesion, and even the movement and hunt which is carried out on the same ocean floor.

The structures of sea urchins are claw-like. This is observed on their body. They may also be scarred on their various spines. They are popular for being pedicellarie. The main objective and purpose of this is to make sure protection takes place. This is necessary because predators are just around the corner all the time. Aside from that, they will also use the mentioned in the collection of their food. This will also be done in the removal of objects which are always attached on the body.

A great ton of sea urchins come with spikes. These spikes are filled with their venom too. These creatures also have a very special kind of mouth which is referred to as the Aristotle’s lantern. The said mouth is coupled with five sharp teeth. This will enable them to drill holes on whatever rock they see.