Bearded Dragon Facts – Information and More

Another member of the lizard family is braded dragon. The mentioned animal originally comes from Australia. However, since the year 1990’s, the mentioned can be stumbled upon on whatever pet shop there is in America. This is dubbed to be one of the famous reptiles men will be able to see. This is always included in bearded dragon facts too, which is not surprising anymore. Basically, natural habitats of the said lizards are just around. They are mainly situated in rocky areas, arid and even deserts. They also prefer to be in scrublands and forests. However, as mentioned, they are from the central part of Australia. They can also be situated somewhere in the eastern of it.

Other facts

The average of these bearded dragons may be able to measure up and reach 16 to that of 22 inches. This is how long they can be. The males though are said to be way larger than the females. As a matter of fact, their tail may be half of the length of their body. This is another. Aside from this, the body of the said bearded dragon is colored in yellow all the time. The spines are found on the throat. Both of sides of these heads are just lying along the abdomen. The head may also be triangular. This is why the body has the capacity to support the muscular frames of the specie considering the fact that it goes with strong legs too.

Basically, the name of the bearded dragon comes from its throat being enlarged. These may be synonymous to that of beard. They are observed to be like this especially in the midst of defending their territory when it is being threatened. Females and males are distinguished right away because they own a great number of feature. This is another. For instance, males are said to have wider heads. These heads may go darker too. This is not the case for females. Females on the other hand are thinner. They can be pretty much slender too than that of the males, which makes them both different from each other.

Bearded dragons would always love the life in trees and bushes. This is how they are all the time. There are instances when they may be found basking around rocks. This too is another consideration. By nature, bearded dragons are known to be a certified omnivore. This means that they can eat both plant and animal. This will only depend on their diet. They can consume and munch up small rodents, insects, leafy plants and lizards too. These animals have their own way of greeting their family or group members. Usually, they are to show submission to a dominant male. This is going to occur by standing three legs while they are rotating in the leg in the air.

The said dragons are dubbed to be scary in appearance. Well, this is not surprising knowing the fact that they can really enlarge their throats whenever they want to.