Fun Facts about Respiratory System – Perfect Way to Learn for Kids

Every human being comes with a respiratory system. This should not be rocket science to learn and understand. However, even if this is the case – a lot have a little understanding of the way it really works. This is alarming. Good thing, something may be done. These fun facts about respiratory system may be beneficial most especially for kids who want to grasp their own system.

The whole respiratory system is composed of structures and various organs. These include the alveoli, diaphragm, lungs and as well as well as the windpipe. These are all responsible for the taking of oxygen in. Afterwards, carbon dioxide is meant to be expelled. What makes the respiratory system even way surprising?

The Way the Respiratory System Works

  1. Breathing is like losing water

Breathing enables you to consume in oxygen for your cells. Afterwards, you are most likely to expel carbon-dioxide. This is why whenever you inhale and exhale, you are synonymous to breathing out water a lot. You even exhale 15.5 milliliters of water. Surprising right? You can lose four times the amount of this though whenever you go for exercise.

  1. There are people who can hold their breath for 20 minutes or more

This sounds impossible but it is true in the deepest possible way. This is how an average adult may work. This may be in between 30 to even 60 seconds. The limitation though may do more than just the building up of carbon dioxide which is responsible for blood-acidifying. It will take more than that. The body stores myoglobin in the muscles whenever there is lacking of energy going on. As for most free divers though, there are techniques utilized by these people whenever they have to go underwater. They may start by working on their hyperventilation. This is going to decrease the carbon dioxide concentration in the body.

  1. The lungs can float

The lungs would have to be the sole organ in the body which has the ability for such. Each and every lung goes with 300 million structures which are like balloons. These are termed as alveoli. Basically, these take charge in the replacement of carbon-dioxide, waste in the blood. The lungs are the only organs in the whole body which can float like that in the water. There are times when the so called lung float test is being conducted during autopsies. This is undertaken to make sure if the baby died in the womb. This is one of the ways.

  1. Sneeze particles are not the fast travelers

Before, there was an estimation made saying how works in its velocity sneeze. This is no longer the case these days even if there is a 112 mph estimation for this. There are recent researches showing how lower the rate is now. This was studied with the presence of LED lights and high-speed cameras alone.

The aforementioned are only among the mind blowing facts that can be learned about lungs. There are still many. Fascinating, right?