Galapagos Island Facts – Interesting Facts for Kids

29There is a tenfold of Galapagos Island Facts that will surely be enjoyed by most kids out there. Usually, learning about the mentioned would have to be the road towards grasping what the islands are all about. These can be real special, that is for sure. The range of information which can be learned by anyone is basically not limited. The same is also true with the trivia they may stumble upon. This is the good news here.

When it comes to exploring what Galapagos Island is all about, it will not be limited about the island itself. This is also a chance to explore unique animals, creatures and even birds that are residing the said island. As a matter of fact, there was even an incident when Charles Darwin visited the place. This somehow contributed to the study of evolution. That is for certain. What else has to be learned?

Facts about Galapagos Island

First of all, it should never be set aside that the Galapagos will always be an archipelago. This is comprised of various volcanic islands which are all most likely to span a particular equator line. These islands are found somewhere in the Galapagos Island. This is just in the Pacific Ocean. This may be around 926 km. This is 575 mi which is just situated west the Ecuador. This is considered to be Ecuador’s offshore. Regardless, the island will always be a home for like 25,000 people. These individuals are all clustered in their small towns. The capital of the mentioned is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

As for the group of the Archipelago, it is made up of 7,889 km2. This is the spread of the land. Basically, the group itself comprise of 18 main islands. There are three smaller ones seen, and most of the 107 are considered to be rocks or islets. Isabela is dubbed as the largest of the island. This somehow makes up almost three-quarters of the entire land area. This is said to be the total of the simple Galapagos Islands. This si for about 5,827 km.

Volcan Wolf is known as the highest point of these Galapagos Islands. This measures 1,707 m above its very own sea level. What makes Galapagos way different is the fact that it is situated above the hotspot of Galapagos. This is the area where the crust of the Earth is. This comes just below the plume of mantle. This is actually responsible for the creation of volcanoes. When it comes to the oldest island there is, the mentioned will be one on the lists. This has existed for like four million years ago. This is now disappearing gradually. This is even going back to its sea level, just below it. Isabela and Fernandina just developed recently that is why they are the youngest. These are still going on formation. As a matter of fact, they have undergone 13 eruptions already. This is the reality for the archipelago. This has been the business for almost a century now.