French Wine For A Flat Belly Review – Is this a Scam?

Flat Belly Revolution is a combination of eBooks and guides about weight-loss and nutrition. In this Flat Belly Revolution – French Wine for a Flat Belly review, we will dig deeper into one program which promises a multitude of benefits just by including French wine in our diet.

We will look and see if this program is legit enough for it to be used by individuals in attaining the body shape they aim for. We will also talk about the creator and how the program can benefit us.

About the author

Thomas Newman, the creator of this program, is considered an expert in weight and fat-loss and a personal trainer who changed lives of thousands of people through physical fitness. In his program, he demonstrates how we can achieve the shape we’re yearning for without actually tiring ourselves too much.

He created the Flat Belly Revolution, after seeing the difference between the eating habits of the French and the Americans. As per him, the only thing that separates them is that the French drink wine regularly. With this in mind, he created a program which he tried himself and after seeing positive results, he now aims to help people with the same dilemma.

What is the Flat Belly Revolution – French Wine for a Flat Belly?

Trying to lose weight has always been a challenge to men, women, young, and old. In today’s world, everyone is so busy that they hardly have time to go to the gym to workout. They have less and lesser time to cook healthier meals, to plan on exercises, and to ensure they have good health.

With the Flat Belly Revolution – French Wine for a Flat Belly program, you do not have to get a gym membership. In addition, it won’t tell you to stop eating what you love the most – that’s what makes it so unique.

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Why is wine an important factor in this program?

Consuming wine is what this program is all about. Wine has polyphenols (phytochemicals) which are compounds used to combat pathogens. Phytochemicals increase the number of what we call the gut bacteria or lactobacilli made to destroy fats. Not only that it melts fats, but it also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, while increasing the energy levels.

In fact, these polyphenols are present in grapefruits, which is wine’s main ingredient.

What does the program include? Does it really work?

The Flat Belly Revolution system teaches individuals what they need to know to stay healthy and energetic. This program teaches you to get flat abdomen and midsection as it will also help you eliminate fats from thighs, butts and other parts which appear to hold fat.

The list of easy-to-find French wines that are effective in losing weight and those that contain a large amount of Polyphenol and Resveratrol are included in the package. These compounds help you transform white fat into calorie-burning brown fat.

With this complete guide to losing weight, Flat Belly Revolution program will also give you three bonus guides:

  • Get Energized Report. With Flat Belly Revolution program, additional brand new eBook, that contains 20 best energy-boosting natural foods, is given free. By consuming these foods regularly, will help you boost your energy and will reduce fatigue.
  • The Sex Drive Stimulator Report. It contains the list of 18 most potent, all-natural aphrodisiacs that proves to boost male and female sex drives.
  • Pilates Power. Known to be the most effective way to tone your body, strengthen your muscles, and stay active and fit, the Pilates Power eBook will be your guide to practice regularly.

We all know that the goal of this program is to promote healthy-living in a hassle-free, and relaxing way. It actually does not only target fats, it also allows you to feel more comfortable and healthier. With the compounds and characteristics of grapefruits, your body will tend to relax every step of the way.

Customer feedback

Are you looking for proof that other people have tried it? To tell you, hundreds, if not thousands of people have gained benefit from the program already. By following the simple step-by-step guide of the program, they were able to reap the maximum benefits that the program gives.

Based on Flat Belly Revolution – French Wine for a Flat Belly reviews, young, old, and whatever body type they are, the system helped them achieve the physique they’ve always wanted for themselves. In these testimonials alone, we can be sure that what we’re dealing with is not in any way a scam.

Are there disadvantages?

Of course, it’s not all positive. While you’re able to have a 60-day money-back guarantee, the system also has its disadvantages:

  • Available in digital format only. If you enjoy a physical book rather than an eBook, have it printed out so you can take the hard copy with always. That might be tedious and costly, though.
  • It’s not the program who’ll win you a flat belly, it’s yourself. You would need a good amount of discipline and effort for optimal results.


Obesity is an epidemic all over the globe. This condition will lead to more serious diseases like cardiovascular diseases (heart disease and stroke), diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders (osteoarthritis), and cancer.

This Fat Belly Revolution program is so unique that you will not even notice that you are really trying to lose weight. You still get to eat your favorite food, drink wine while you are at it – some diet huh?

If you think this program is perfect for you, then go online and purchase this Flat Belly Revolution program for $37 through their website Apart from the main eBook, you will also receive three bonus eBooks with a combined value of $81 for no cost!

This weight-loss program can really change your body as well as your whole life.

If after all the programs you have tried and yet failed, maybe you should give this a try. Many Flat Belly Revolution – French Wine for a Flat Belly reviews talk about how the program is enjoyable and healthy at the same time. This unique weight-loss program is safe with no known side-effects. Not only will it allow you to have a healthy physique, it will also be beneficial for your cardiovascular health since it helps burn fat all over your body and around the heart.

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