Axolotl Facts – What are they?

These Mexican axolotl salamanders come with their unique and rare traits. They have the ability to retain various larval features which are all observed in the life of the adult. The condition here is termed as neotenic. This pertains to the fact that they are in tadpole-like dorsal fin. This usually runs to the length of its entire body. The same is also true with the presence of the available external gills they come along with. These can protrude starting from the back then on its wide head.

A ton of Axolotl facts would say that the said specie is usually located in Xochimilco. This comes with a lake complex. This is located near that of Mexico City. However, they are different and they are not in any way like that of salamanders. These are most likely to stay in the water. They will do this permanently. There is a rare chance though that the axonolti is going to progress. It will mature and then emerge from that of the water. There are times though when they are just on the canals and lakes. They may also prefer this kind of living if they would want to. This too may occur.

The axolotls will always be a close relative of tiger salamander. The only difference though is that the earlier can be way larger. This may even reach a foot. This can be converted into 30 centimeters. This is how its length has been. Usually though, the average size may just be close to that. This can be typically black and it may sometimes be of mottled brown. There are also white varieties. These are the albinos and these can be really common especially in that of the captive specimens.

Needless to say, axolotls have always been long lived. They have the ability to survive up to that of 15 years. They can do this even if they are on a diet. This is true for insect larvae, mollusks, worms, some fish and even crustaceans. Usually, these are used to be the top predator. They have their habitat that is why they are used to this. The species may also suffer most especially because of the introduction of large fish into any lake as a habitat. This is considered to be a great agony in the introduction of such large fish. There are also natural threats around and these may include other predatory birds like herons.

The populations of the said also declined. This is true for the demands too. This is the case for Mexico City. There has been a draining of waters and even contamination. This occurred in the waters most especially of Xochimilco Lake complex. These are even popular to that of the aquarium trade. This is where roasted axolotl is. This is dubbed as a particular delicacy in Mexico. Today, even the numbers are starting to shrink. These are known to be endangered too. These are the most common facts and information about axolotls. These will always interest a lot of people.