Zodiac Killer Facts – The Difference between Fact and Fiction

Zodiac Killer is said to be the one responsible in the murders that took place in San Francisco Bay Area. This occurred way back the 1960’s. What really happened then? What are the various Zodiac Killer Facts around? It has been said that this Zodiac Killer is nothing but self-proclaimed. This was even directed towards a couple of murders. This is true in Northern California in the year 1968 and even that of 1969. These killers claimed to be even more responsible in other destructions too.

The killer even paved its way to send out threats. This was done through a series of letters being sent to the area newspapers. The time span for this was from 1969 down to 1974. After this though, communication was suddenly stopped. A pretty good amount of intensive search was conducted in order to find the killer. The same is also true with investigation which is meant to point out the suspects involved. With this though, no person was arrested. The crimes were still open because of such. There are tons of books containing the mystery surrounding the given subject. This is even made an inspiration to countless movies launched. This is no longer surprising.

The Attacks

Today, four attacks were said to be undertaken by the Zodiac Killer. These were done separately. The initial incident happened on December 20, 1968. This was the time when David Faraday, a 17 year-old and his girlfriend, a 16 year-old were killed by shot near the car. This is considered to be a remote spot which is situated somewhere in Herman Road. This was in Vallejo, California. Because of it, the police was really shocked. They were having a hard time knowing what the motive of the crime is.

During the early July 5, 1969, another killing occurred. This involved Darlene Ferrin and Mike Mageau. Darlene was 22. The boyfriend was Mike Mageau. He was only 19 years old. This also happened in the location of Vallejo. This was also remote. This was the time when the two couple were approached by someone. This came with a flashlight. Afterwards, they were shot. This killed Ferin. On the other hand, Mageau was wounded seriously. Just within an hour, someone contacted the police department of Vallejo. This was the time when the location of the crime was determined and forwarded. This claimed the responsibility for the attack and the Faraday murderers from the 1968 were pointed fingers at.

There was a confession carried out. Even if the admitting happened, there was no progress to the case.

The assistant was never caught here.

The emergence of Zodiac continued. Common handwritten letters were received by San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, and the Vallejo Times-Herald. These letters were found through an envelope. This was sent without writing any return address. It began with the line: Dear Editor. Afterwards, the killing of two teenagers was also witnessed at the Lake Herman. The letter was made up with the details of known murders and so, that was a lead for the police.