Quest Bar Nutrition Facts – Are they even healthy?

There are tons of claims about Quest Bars. Many would definitely agree that they are tasty in nature. As a matter of fact, the mentioned comes in an impressive panel containing its nutrition facts. This is not surprising anymore. This can always be expected in various Quest Bar Nutrition Facts. Indeed, the team of the mentioned is doing the best it can just to offer the best for their clients.

More about Quest

Quest dubbed itself as the best protein bar. This attracts a lot of people. Take a look at Vanilla Almond Crunch Bar for example. This is perceived as a 200-calorie bar. However, only half of it is considered to be saturated fat. This may also be available with a pretty decent amount of protein. As a matter of fact, this may be of 20 grams. This is like 40% of the intake being recommended on a daily basis. As for its fiber content, this one can be too high too at around 20 grams. This is amounting to three fourths of the requirement that has to be taken every day. This is the known requirement. Truth be told – there are Americans out there who do not get to take fiber and its right amount. There are people out there who can erase their deficit on just a single bar. This is how it has always been. Quest promotes low carb, low sugar solution. This even claims to have 2 to 6 of its net carbs. As a matter of fact, there are 22 grams of these carbs. Most of these are fiber – especially 18. One gram of it on the other hand is made of sugars. This is how amazing it can be.

The ingredient list on the other hand may tell a different thing. This is the time when the house of carbs start to crumble down. So, what are the advantages anyway? First of all, the list is really short. The problem though has something to do with the protein sources there are. This cannot be made at home, or can be bought from a particular farmer. As for the whey protein isolate milk protein, this is a bit different because this isolates a particular byproduct, most especially in the production of cheese. There are many body builders out there who purchase such in the form of a powder. This is meant to add on the drink and food.  There are times though when they may bring about digestive problems including gas, cramps and as well as bloating.

Another is the inclusion of isomalto-oligosaccharides. This is the direct source of fiber. This is usually present in bars. This appears as a syrupy goop which somehow has the taste synonymous to that of sweets. However, the only difference is that this is not considered as one of the sugar. This is known to be a long chain of molecule. This is not a natural fermented food though. This is also considered to be cheaper in the process of manufacturing. That is how it has been.