Auschwitz Concentration Camp Facts – Infamous Mass Murder

On the 27th of January 1945, there were Soviet soldiers seen going around the gates of Auschwitz. This was a concentration camp complex which was situated in the south-west of Poland. Since that, the place was then left by most of the Nazis. This occurred on the earlier days. This marked the end of the biggest mass murder which transpired in the entire human history. A ton of Auschwitz Concentration Camp Facts would agree to this. This is for sure.

Up until now, there are still precise numbers which are being debated. However, based on the record of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, it was the German SS responsible in the killing of like 960,000. This was from the declared 1.1 to 1.3 million Jews. These were all deported to the said camp. Apart from such facts, there were still other victims who were included in the said list. There was an approximate 74,000 Poles, then 15,000 Soviet and 21,000 Roma who were prisoners. There were 10,000 seen around the area and these people were coming from other nationalities. In the Auschwitz, it was reported that more and more people died. This occurred more than that of the Nazi concentration camp. This was considered huge in any death camp recorded in the whole history.

The horror was witnessed because of the evidences left. These evidences were dug by the Soviet troops. There were 7,000 prisoners who starved that time. These remained alive in the known camp itself. There were also millions of items and these included clothings. These were owned by men, children and women who were suddenly discovered. What was even surprising is that fact that there was 6,350 kg of stated human hair derived from the spot. The museum still presents more than a hundred thousands of shoes in pairs. There are also 12, 000 utensils for kitchen, and as well as 350 garments for the camp and 3,800 suitcases. All of these are in the exhibit.

In May 1940, the first base of Nazi was erected in Auschwitz. The name of this was obtained after that of the Silesian town. This was from Oswiecim. In going to it, there would be a need to direct towards 37 miles straight to Krakow. This is now being referred to as the Auschwitz I. The site was even able to cover 40 square kilometers of it.

As for January 1942, the roll and carry out of the Final Solution was undertaken by the party of Nazi. Most of the camps finally dedicated for the Jews to be exterminated. This was created before and it was meant to be pursued that time. This was even put into formality by the SS Lieutenant General Reinhard Heydrich. This was seen in the speech during the Wannsee conference. It was in the same year when the Auschwitz II, an extermination camp was known to exist. Most of the sections were separated with the help of barbed-wire fences. This turned out to be the biggest population of prisoners that time.